Companies Hiring at the Career Fair

Join us for an in-person career fair in Minneapolis!

Discover and meet with companies committed to diversity! The Diversity Career Fair will give you the opportunity to meet with employers seeking to hire diverse candidates in multiple roles and industries. It is designed to bring employers and job seekers together in one place.

What can I do at the Diversity Career Fair?

  • Visit the booths of the hiring companies to learn more about their opportunities and benefits.
  • Register for the event and you will receive job alerts with the positions available and new companies joining.
  • Collect valuable information about the companies and network with other professionals in Minneapolis.
  • Get interviewed by employers on-site.

Why Participate • Candidate Experience • How It Works


Complete your registration and upload your resume. Interested Employers will be sending interview invites prior to the event.


Get the chance to apply to jobs and share your resume with key decision makers.


Recruiters will be conducting job interviews onsite during the 3-hours.

Recruiters: Meet Diverse Professionals in Minneapolis


The Career Fair will attract a higher volume of qualified diverse candidates, including the often elusive passive candidates with great experience in multiple industries.


Your brand and corporate culture is shared with potential candidates in Minneapolis, representing a significant pool of hundreds of qualified professionals.


We encourage candidates to register early. Employers will have access the candidate profile/resume database prior to the fair for pre-screening purposes.

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